Who don’t like to save money ??

Do you look for cheaper options when you try to do email marketing or CRM software ?

Nothing wrong in trying to find bargain prices, and I am as much guilty in finding little treasures at cents on a dollar too, but it just depends how that applies to #SmartShopping.

But if price was the ultimate decider, we all will be shopping only at Amazon, Walmart, Dollar General or Aldi’s right ?? But that is so not true. That’s why there are other value added options such as Target, Malls etc.

CRM industry is so crowded, especially in last 4-5 years, that consumers sometimes are confused in what’s best for them. Should you go for cheaper price or cutting edge technology or feel mental satisfaction of getting the best hyped namebrand even if that means spending a huge chunk of your marketing dollars ?

I do have a different way of looking at things which you’ll agree with my analogies here. For example-

We provide 3 options to choose from CRM and here is why each offers value:

  • FREE CRM- This is like getting a shelter or a “place” to stay when you don’t have any money. Most Free stuff out there are some form of gimmicks but we provide a truly full featured CRM, at absolutely zero costs. The only limitation is how many contacts you can store.
  • Starter Plan-This plan is like getting an apartment. You will get cheaper rent in return for shared resources such as electric, water etc.
  • Professional Plan-This plan is like getting your own house. It could be smaller 3 bed room to a huge mention in Hampton, but you will be fully in charge of branding, performance & privacy.

I will elaborate on my simple analogies above.

Our FREE plan is a good place to start if you are either short on cash or simply not sure if our platform can help you do what you have in mind, in terms of CRM. We simply ask you to register and provide you all available resources on a monthly basis. At end of month, we simply ask you to tell us that you DO plan on continuing to use FREE CRM by simply clicking on a renew button from inside your account. Sure, it will not cost you anything but you can do almost everything a paid version allows. There will be few limitations around how many “visitors” you are allowed and requirements of “checking-in” every month, but it might just work out if you can manage to keep your contacts at 100 (by deleting old unused contacts).

Getting an apartment is the next best thing which we also call Starter Plan, and it will cost you a little bit of money (Yes, I did say a “little bit” compared to some other competitors features and technology options can cost a LOT more). Having your own little space will be awesome as there won’t be as many “restrictive” limitations and you can extend your marketing reach based on what plan you choose, Silver, Gold or Platinum (1-2-3 bed room apartment, room sizes etc).

Sure you will get cheaper rent in return for shared resources such as electric, water etc but that could also mean sharing a host of other issues (late night parties, unknown visitors, trash, noise etc). How does this apply to your sales & marketing ? Well, when you have a shared resource such as IP address or sender profile domain or hosting machine, you also have other “tenants” renting these resources and using them. That means some people can send unsolicited messages or receive too many SPAM complaints. We try to keep a tight leash on our users from not abusing our technology but sometimes it happens and that could affect your messages being delivered to spam as well.

We keep track internally of each user and adjust who gets to stay in what part of community, essentially “separating” clean users from spammers. We also provide tools that helps get message in inbox more often, such as better sender profiles, clean IP ranges etc so there’s still hope if you don’t have budget for next best paid option.

And that brings us to Professional plan, which is so awesome. Obviously, it’s a long term investment and a firm commitment which can pay dividends for generations. Not only it allows you to get your own “house” but also allows you to do it at an affordable pricing. You can decide on size of your house that not only fits your lifestyle but also enables customizing features and room for growth in future.

e.g. extending your family or adding a pool in backyard or doing your own custom Christmas decorations or gardening to your liking.

Imagine being in charge of paying for what you use. How does it feel for actually being rewarded with better credit options if you keep a good credit score ?  You setup rules when your kids go to sleep or who stays up or what’s for dinner.

Essentially, it means everything in terms of marketing and sales messages being delivered to your targeted audience, the right way. Having your own custom branding, domain name, private hosting, dedicated IP address & hosts of other back-end settings and configurations essential for inbox delivery, you are sure to make maximum return on your investment for many years.

If you want to do it right, in my opinion, get the Professional Plan and invest in your future with a local partner who provides options to customize and create solution that best fits your vision when it comes to prospecting.