Landing page is a single webpage, usually connected to your marketing server (CRM) that talks about a single topic, have a way for reader to click on a button to take some action. If your landing page has a mechanism to gather some information (such as name, email address) from reader that will store in a database and have an ability to send periodic emails, that’s even better. It’s also called squeez page or signup page.

The best landing page has a very focused goal-to get the reader to take a SINGLE action such as:

  • Download report/ebook/PDF
  • Register for something you provide
  • Purchase something from you


It could be multiple other actions but we will be brief to continue our discussion. Now many folks have no clue how to design a landing page, let alone design it for maximum conversion.

There are numerous landing page variations that impact conversion rate. It’s amazing how something as simple as a headline change or a different font can result in an avalanche of new conversions.

There are at least three basic features that killer landing pages all have in common. These features have less to do with button size or color, and more to do with the underlying reasons about why people, think, click, act and decide. Conversion optimization is really about how people think. It’s all about human psychology and the more you know about your buyer persona, the more better you can get at it.

Here are 5 ways you can make your landing page a conversion machine:

Clear Purpose

Your landing page should have a clear goal from the beginning. What are you trying to achieve ? What is reader going to do at the end ? Are you trying to make them purchase something or simply signup for your free trial ? All these questions need to be clearly articulated during strategy and include:

  • Headline-have clear headline with bigger font to capture attention.
  • Subheadline-provide little bit more information about above headline to get user to read below.
  • Paragraph-explain in just few lines what the whole deal is about. Read next to understand what needs to go into the paragraph.
  • Add picture/vdo-you can make it that much more interesting by adding a teaser image/video that will support the landing page goal and drive user towards CTA (click to action button).


Give enough information to reader

You need to provide details but just enough to “keep the juices flowing” other words, build intrigue, suspense and raise curiosity in such a way that reader will feel compelled to click on CTA

Withhold most important information

Even though I am telling you to give sufficient details, don’t listen to me on that (LOL).

In other words, I am also telling you to withhold key information, the “meat” of topic and incentivise user to click on CTA so they can receive full details.

Cause pain

Part of your landing page content should push some buttons that will either cause or remind them of pain associated with your content/product/offer and what they have to lose if they don’t click on CTA.

Provide relief

You’ll also need to position your content such that as soon as user clicks on CTA, they’ll find relief, from whatever problem your offer provides solution for.

Create a sense of Urgency

When user is finished reading, it needs to provide some sense of urgency for them to act and take action, which ties into your CTA.

All of this needs to happen in a seamless fashion, just like a single player in a team can not play and win a game alone, everyone on the team needs to contribute their best efforts.

NashCRM provides capabilities to:

  • Create a simple landing page with signup form
  • Collect user information when they fill out a form
  • Offer a file download as an option
  • Connect landing page to marketing funnel (drip email campaigns) so every time a user fills out that form, they will get those series of emails on a periodic basis.
  • Provide visitors stats
  • Unlimited landing pages


Do you want to create landing pages that can bring new business ? Sign up for FREE CRM and get started today.